Day 4: Dominoes, Control, and the Will of God

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Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.

Proverbs 3:5-6

Have you ever played with dominoes? I’m not talking about the game where you get tiles and match them with your opponent’s tiles to see who can run out of tiles first. I’m talking about standing them on end, one after another, perfectly-spaced so that when you tap the one on the end to fall over, it hits the second one, which hits the third one, until all the dominoes you stood on end have laid out into whatever pattern they were arranged in. The record keeps getting broken, but the most recent world record domino fall I could find was a spiral design that consisted of 55,555 tiles toppling.

Can you imagine how much time that would take to set up? How much planning? How frustrating it would be if someone sneezed in the middle of set up? You don’t just grab whatever dominoes you have laying around and expect to break a world record. There is no question that it takes passion, planning, and work. So it’s no wonder when we are passionate about something more important than dominoes and make plans for how we want our life to go, then work hard to complete that goal, we can get pretty mad, frightened, or frustrated when somebody sneezes (or worse) on our passion, plan, and goal. In fact, it can feel like our life is tumbling out of control.

That’s why today’s scripture is such good advice and good news: if we trust in God with all our heart and not rely on our understanding (and our plans,) God will make our paths straight when we acknowledge him. In other words, we should give thanks and be grateful that God is in control of not only the patterns and paths of our dominoes, but he’s not surprised when we’re sneezed on either. He may be using that interruption, delay, or failure for his good in making you into the person he desires you to be. When it comes to living life, don’t obsess about your plans but also don’t be lazy and not set up the dominoes in your life. Instead, trust in the Lord and lean on him. And be thankful that when you do, he is steadfast enough never to topple; you can trust him and his plan!

Questions to ponder

Have you ever set up dominoes or built a house of cards? How big was it and did it ever fall prematurely?

What is a plan or purpose you hold precious for your future? What’s one dream you have that you think is achievable?

Today’s scripture says, “in all your ways acknowledge (God.)” What are some ways, through thankfulness, that you can make sure your dreams and plans are for him and how can acknowledging God help you when your dreams and plans tumble?

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