Day 18: Porch Lights, Moths, and the Love of God

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and I pray that the sharing of your faith may become effective for the full knowledge of every good thing that is in us for the sake of Christ.

Philemon 6

Have you ever noticed how when you turn the porch light on in the dark, within a short time, the moths and other insects are drawn to it? You couldn’t keep them away if you tried. It’s as if the light yells out to them, “Hey you! Get over here!” They find themselves unable to resist it. Those insects aren’t that different from us, only we are drawn to truth, grace, and community instead of porch lights. When we gather together to share truth and grace with one another, to care for one another, and to worship someone worth worshipping together it can be attractive to others, but like that porch light that only goes on when the switch is hit, we have to be willing to light up the darkness around us by flipping our switch and telling others about where our light comes from. 

I know that we love our people. We like being with those who get us, and bringing in new faces and personalities can upset the dynamic, but if we remember that we cannot let the community of faith be just for us, but for all; it’s then easier to open up our doors to the world. Like the UPS driver who hoarded his deliveries and never got them to their intended destination, we too cannot hoard the saving truth and grace of Jesus. The best place to start is to invite your friends to participate in your life of faith, to come to dinner with your people, to try out your small group, to attend a Bible study, or just to talk about God over coffee. The invitation was given to you by the Father so that you would share it with others. It’s only through this process of one-on-one discipleship, of calling others to the table with us, that the church body and our family of faith grows. Who can you invite today into the conversation of faith? Your invitation might be the only one they ever get. 

Questions to ponder

Think about the purposes of a porch light; what are some of its functions?

How do those functions mirror what we are to do with the good news of our faith in Jesus and with our house of faith?

Who has God attracted, through the light of His love, to the porch of your life? Invite that person in to share what God has done for you and for that person. Do it today!

Share your faith journey!

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