Day 8: Blackouts, Candles, and Forgotten Service

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Whoever thus serves Christ is acceptable to God and approved by men.

Romans 14:18

Growing up when the power would go out, we didn’t have cell phones and the internet to stay connected to the world let alone track weather radar or get updates on when power would be restored. Though as infrequently as we would lose power, I vividly remember two things: the initial excitement of things going dark and then my mother yelling to my father, “where are the candles?!” You know, those candles that you have only to use once a year for emergencies. They get dusty and hidden behind other things, but when the power goes out, you rummage around to find them fast. 

When you live a life of service to others you can’t feel bad if the people you serve only call you when they need you. Just feel privileged that, like those emergency candles, you come to mind when things get dark. If you’ve waited tables like I have then you know that just because you serve someone today it doesn’t mean they will need your service tomorrow, but the more you serve others with the love of God the more they will know where to come for that love. And when hard times hit, and they will, you will be the first on their mind, not because you are better than others, but because you have a lifeline, you have access to salvation, a salvation that they desperately need. They might need freedom from addiction, or from ignorance, whatever it is, as a believer you have not only a loving heart to comfort them, but the Word of God to encourage them. Service isn’t just about physical improvement, but sometimes it’s just about speaking the truth in love and introducing a person to the love of their Savior. 

Questions to ponder

How did/do you feel as a kid when the power goes out? What was your favorite activity?

How does serving others make you feel? Do you feel differently if no one thanks you or even notices your service?

Who is someone you can serve today in a way that points them to Jesus?

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