Day 21: Party Planners, the Lottery, and the Will of God

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“Father, if you are willing, remove this cup from me. Nevertheless, not my will, but yours, be done.”

Luke 22:42

I once knew a woman who had a really great reason for wanting to be rich. She used to say, “I want to marry a rich man, so I can serve the Lord by having all kinds of fun parties!” You might laugh, like I did, but she really thought that serving God would be much more to her liking if she could do what she loved. She wanted to entertain, and in order to entertain she needed lots of money. Of course, wouldn’t we all like more money to serve the Lord? Side note: if anyone reading or listening to this wins the lotto, I’m sure the pastor of your church would like to talk to you about the concept of supporting your local church through tithes and offerings! The good news is God doesn’t need you to have a big bank account in order to serve Him, all He needs is a willing heart to be poured out, of everything you have and are, for Him. Whether you have a million dollars or negative dollars in your bank account, you are still valuable to God and able to serve Him every day of your life. 

Serving God and doing His will has very little to do with what we have or even what we get. The sole focus of our soul serving God should be God Himself. It’s easy to serve and to give in areas where there is an emotional pay-off; where we enjoy doing the thing we are doing. A lot of us care for, nurture, give to, and care for people who bring us joy. If you find your ministry serves you well, if you do it because you have needs that are fulfilled in it, then take a look at your heart and see if you aren’t doing it all for yourself rather than the other person, or the Father. Ministry is never meant to be chosen based on what makes you happy, but what God gives you to do. Yes, ministry brings joy to the minister, but we do not look to give our lives so that we can feel better about ourselves, that is taking the focus off of Jesus and putting it on ourselves. Give your life from the perspective of, “Your will be done,” as the Savior himself gave His life. 

Questions to ponder

What things do you love to do in service to the Lord? 

What things do you dread doing in His service? 

Today choose one thing you aren’t too interested in doing in service to God and do it anyway! 

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