Day 23: Delivery Drivers, Open Hands, and What Belongs to Who

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Everything belongs to God, and all things were created by his power.

Hebrews 2:10 CEV

I have told this parable many times of a delivery driver who loaded up his delivery van for the day and then drove off to his neighborhood, up his driveway, and opened his garage to unload everything for his wife and children. Why does this seem so wrong to everyone who hears it? Because we all know those packages weren’t meant for him, he was only driving the delivery vehicle. He was the temporary recipient of the items, not their ultimate destination. At no point did any of these packages actually belong to him. In the same way, everything we have belongs to God. He has given it all to us so that we can use it for His glory, that means for His good, for His plans, for His purposes. We are simply the delivery drivers waiting to find out where things are meant to go for the furthering of the Kingdom of God. 

Faithfully giving teaches us a pattern of holding onto things with open hands. It gives us the habit of seeing things not as our own, but as useful for spreading the good news of Jesus Christ. When we hold onto things, positions, even relationships with a fear of losing them, we stunt our faithfulness in favor of forgetfulness; forgetful that we have only what God has been so good to give us for His glory not our own. But being always ready to give what God has given you prepares your heart to grow in faithfulness.

Questions to ponder

When is the last time you were expectantly waiting on a package to be delivered? What was it?

What is something that God has given you that you are too afraid to give away, even if it is for God’s glory?

Who is on your delivery route of life today and how can you deliver the good news of God’s love and grace? 

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