Day 2: Cotton Candy for Bullies

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Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse them.

Romans 12:14

In Kevin Costner’s 1994 film War, Costner’s young son is beaten up by some bullies at the fair. After they disperse, he sees a couple of them calling out to him poking fun at his inability to find a job after returning from Vietnam. Costner walks over to the young bullies as they back up in fear. He then does something amazing, he reaches out and hands them each a fluffy pink wand of cotton candy. When his son asks why he gave them their cotton candy, Costner replies, “Because they look like they haven’t been given nothing in a long time.” Giving to our enemies is dangerous to the human mind. It’s the opposite of what we naturally prefer, which is getting even, but God was faithful even when we were his enemies and we rejected him. He wants us to be faithful as well; faithful to give good gifts no matter what we get in return. Faithful to give even if giving means loving someone who doesn’t deserve our love. 

Faithfully giving money, time and energy is being faithful to the God who gives us everything that we have. If we want to be faithful, we can’t reserve what we give to those we prefer. Giving is simply allowing the stuff that God has given us to pass through our hands on the way to where they were meant to go. Holding onto things and being unwilling to give them up for their value, whether sentimental or monetary, is failing to understand that God gave you those things to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, help the stranger, and, yes, even the enemy. When we are faithful in the difficult things we become more and more faithful like our Father. 

Questions to ponder

When you were younger, what was something you found difficult to share? Why?

How does giving, even to our enemies, show our faithfulness? How does it show God’s faithfulness?

Think of someone that is not easy to love and a way you can give to them today in memory of all God has given you in spite of your unfaithfulness.

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