Day 6: Predators, Prey, and Gathering Together in Christ

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“When the day of Pentecost arrived, they were all together in one place.”

Acts 2:1

When I was young, every Sunday night my family would gather around the TV and watch Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom followed by The Wonderful World of Disney. We would wait all week for Sunday night TV, mainly because it was the best family TV we had, but also because it was a great time to get together and enjoy something as a family. Of course, everyone loves Disney, but amazingly families all over the country loved to watch wild animals in their natural habitat being explained by Marlin Perkins. I can remember vividly those scenes where some wildebeest that was weak and by itself becoming easy prey for the lionesses as they galloped after them. Marlin always explained how the predator would seek out those who weren’t a part of the larger group as their first prey. I hated watching what happened next, but it does make a good illustration of the life of faith. 

When we fail to gather together, we end up isolating ourselves. In isolation we are much more susceptible to the enemy. Isolation puts a target on our backs and we can be easily taken out without the safety of our herd. When Pentecost arrived, the believers were unsure of their future. Many were perceived as a threat to the status quo and wanted by the Roman government. And all were unsure of how their new faith would be received by the ruling class of Jews. This time was a time of danger, and the early church knew what that called for; gathering together. We cannot forget about the call to gather or the need. As a believer you cannot live as an island. You were made to be a part of the body, to faithfully gather and to encourage one another, help one another and admonish one another. Are you meeting regularly with other members of the body? If not, there may be a big cat readying to give chase and pounce. 

Questions to ponder

1. Outside of church on Sunday, how many other times during the week do you get together with other believers to talk about Jesus and your faith?

2. What people in your family of faith come to mind that you need to spend more time with?

3. Commit to start/join a community group that centers its purpose around your faith in Christ or, if you’re already a part of one, look to attend an additional function that gathers in the name of Jesus. 

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  • This one hit home. I also have great memories of gathering with my family as a girl for Sunday night TV. My husband and I have been visiting Friendship over the last couple of months and are enjoying the gathering. We are praying and patiently waiting for God to let us know if this is where he wants us to be.

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