Day 30: Butter Tan, Friends, and Gathering Together

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not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the Day drawing near.

 Hebrews 10:25

Some of the most popular TV shows from the 80s and 90s were about families. We used to sit down as a family and watch shows like Family Ties, Full House, Growing Pains, The Wonder Years, and even Alf and laugh with all their crazy TV antics. As we grew older we started watching shows like Friends and Seinfeld, and while those shows weren’t about families in the traditional sense, they were about families of people who chose to be together because of friendship. These shows made us laugh but they also made us long for ties like the ones the characters shared. We all longed to have a group of friends that could build memories, make messes, and still end up loving each other against the odds. Even after Rachel and Ross broke up or when Kramer did something crazy like laying out under the sun after covering himself with butter, they all still remained part of a tribe, part of each others lives, and this is why we watched. 

Community matters. It matters to our hearts and it matters to our faith. We might never have all these crazy funny things happening in our community but we will have the drama, the challenges, and the struggles. But we also have something that holds us together more than our sense of humor and that’s our God. He made us for community; to be together with other like-minded people who share in the same goal of bringing Him the glory. When we stop meeting together and doing life together we miss out on the very mechanism that God set into place for our lives of faith. We can’t be fooled by the isolation-making world in which we live into thinking that we can do this life on our own, because we can’t. We are all a part of the body and the body works together; apart from the body an arm lies in ruin, it cannot do what it was made to do. Don’t be a dismembered part of the body, but meet with the family as much as you can and enjoy the friends that God has given you. 

Questions to ponder

Who is someone outside of your family that you spend the most time with? How did you meet?

Who is God leading you to get to know better that already shares your same faith? 

What are some ways that you can open up your close circle of friends to more brothers and sisters in Christ?  

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