Day 44: Birth, New Purpose, and Super Sight

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Jesus answered him, “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God.”

John 3:3

When I was young, there was a story about a handsome and athletic astronaut who was seriously injured when his spaceship crashed. Barely alive, the government rushes him into a top secret and experimental surgery where the doctors and scientists give him two new legs, one arm, and one eye; all mechanical but with enhanced and super human strength, speed, and telescopic sight. The cost of all this hardware? Six million dollars.

The Six Million Dollar Man was a hit TV series where the former astronaut named Steve Austin with his new parts and abilities learns to deal with a new job he didn’t ask for, a secret government agent battling evil, while he learned to deal with these new powers that he didn’t ask for. 

The interesting thing about today’s scripture is Jesus talks about birth. When we were born, we didn’t choose our family, our DNA, or anything else about ourselves or our surroundings, we were just given what we were given. But as we grow and get older, we start making choices and attempting to control our own destinies. 

When Nicodemus meets Jesus and realizes Jesus comes from God, Jesus makes this strange statement: “unless one is born again.” Jesus proceeds to use the imagery of already born people experiencing a totally new birth, and that second birth is what Jesus says is necessary for seeing the kingdom of God. And just like our natural birth, spiritual birth is an act of God and His Holy Spirit; we get to participate by responding to the invitation in faithfulness. But it also means we accept a great responsibility to live with this new purpose. And when we do, we will have supernatural sight to see spiritual things that other people can’t including God’s eternal kingdom. Eternal life: that’s quite an upgrade that only Jesus could purchase for us!

Questions to ponder

Of the following super powers, which one would you rather have: super speed, strength, or sight? Why?

Like the Six Million Dollar Man’s rebirth, when it comes to being born again in faith, how can that affect how you use your body, occupation, and time?

Being born again means you have a new parent as well; your Heavenly Father. Think about one area that He may be asking you to have faith in Him to live differently than you did before your rebirth; what is it?

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