About 45 Days

Pastor Michael DiMarco came up with the idea of 45 Days of Faith when he wanted to lead his church, Friendship Community Church, through 45 Days of Faithfulness culminating on Easter Sunday 2019. The goal was to lead families, couples, and individuals in “simply profound” and relatable spiritual conversations where in all ages could participate.

About Season Two: 45 Days of Thankfulness (in progress)

Many folks use the month of November as a time to give thanks leading up to Thanksgiving. But with 45 Days of Thankfulness, the journey is from the first week of November culminating on Christmas Day, thanking God for the greatest gift we could ever receive; His Son Jesus. In written and audio form, the devotionals are composed so that parents with children, couples, and individuals of all ages can consider what God’s Word says about living with gratitude.

About Season One: 45 Days of Faithfulness (complete)

First scheduled to end on Easter/Resurrection Sunday, 45 Days of Faithfulness was not an observance of Lent when many Christians the world over identify with the sufferings of Jesus before his crucifixion by abstaining from things they enjoy. Instead, 45 Days of Faithfulness is a month and a half-ish daily leap of faith that can be done any time of year; committing to live a more faith-full life in seven different areas by committing to:

  • Faithfully Grow
  • Faithfully Give
  • Faithfully Gather
  • Faithfully Share
  • Faithfully Invite
  • Faithfully Fast
  • Faithfully Serve

The goal of self-examining these areas of faithfulness in our lives is not to feel better about ourselves for 45 days and then go back to “normal,” but to create a new normal. Likewise, we don’t look to be more faithful for any reward or to earn God’s favor, but out of response and gratitude for God’s faithfulness in our lives. Here’s another post more ideas for going through 45 Days of Faithfulness.

Pastor Michael invites you on a journey in discovering how God’s faithfulness to us and for us should fuel our faithfulness and thankfulness to God and His church.